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Racehorses bred for or retired from racing have succeeded on virtually all riding disciplines.  They are tremendous athletes bred for their athleticism.


And the heart of a racehorse is unparalleled. They make great companion horses, too.

This Old Horse, Inc. will help match you with the horse of your dreams.  

Complete the online application and your adoption concierge will guide you through the process and the match.

For more information:

Room for one more? Horses transitioning from the track to training or to their forever homes need a place to land for awhile.

Share your space after the race!  Consider fostering an incredible racehorse after the finish line!

Looking for the next chapter in your

racehorse's life?  

Let's see if we can help with rehoming, retirement or reimagining the next step for your horse.

Contact us!

The information about each horse is provided as a convenience and is not a warranty or guaranty of any particular results from any animal. Racehorse Reimagined is not an agent or broker for any adoption agency. Racehorse Reimagined does not independently verify the information in any listing and disclaims all representations and warranties concerning the accuracy and completeness of information in the Racehorse Reimagined website and social media listings. You are solely responsible for independently verifying whether an animal found through Racehorse Reimagined will meet your specific needs and preferences. 

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