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A problem to solve: Broodmares that have aged out of producing foals and are unlikely candidates (due to age) for retraining and rehoming in a performance career.

These mares have been selected and valued for their contributions to the industry and, although not as prolific or famous as their stallion counterparts, contribute their significant share to the success of the sport and the breed.

Many breeders and owners have the land and means to retire their mares on private farms. But those who do not have or choose that option seek retirement placement for these mares.

A solution: This Old Horse has developed a racehorse  retirement sanctuary where mares who have produced raced offspring can spend the remainder of their lives  of the lives honored, revered and well tended as an homage to their contributions.  


They kept their promise, did their part, to help shape a future for their breed. Now we will keep our promise, do our part to assure they live happily ever after.

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