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ASPCA funding for Racehorse Reimagined provides adoption support for off track racehorses.


Adopters are matched with a racehorse they intend to adopt or express a serious commitment to adopt with six months, then they are matched with a professional trainer who will work with the horse and adopter for a minimum of 60-days to help establish skills and relationships between the adopter and horse.


The trainer can access up to $1,000 per horse for training fees.   To qualify for the grant funds, at least 50% of the training sessions must involve the adopter and can be used for ground work, training under saddle or riding lessons.


The trainer will invoice This Old Horse for reimbursement of training fees and be required to complete simple reporting in order to meet the grant requirements.


Eligible horses:  Off track racehorses of any age and breed are eligible including those transitioning directly off the track, retiring from a second career or rescued from hardship circumstances.


Eligible adopters:  Adopters apply and are approved through This Old Horse.  Ownership of the horses is transferred to the adopter at the time of adoption.  Interested parties who identify a ‘commitment to adopt’ can participate in the program and This Old Horse retains ownership of the horse until the adoption is finalized.  Adopters must agree to participate in the program and work cooperatively with their trainer for at least 60-days.


Eligible trainers:  Trainers (professional or highly skilled amateurs) can join the list of approved trainers.  Proof of liability insurance is required.

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